At the risk of this becoming a links only blog, here a great post fromAndrew Jones on taking the supernatural seriously (not just Catholics and pentecostals).


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Avoiding the yo-yo fads in church life

As churches are we ever doing “enough” prayer, mission, action etc.? Or is that the wrong question to be asking? How do we pay attention to what the Spirit is saying for today rather than responding to fads and whims?

Great post from Tim Chester “are you doing enough?” exploring these issues.

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Ok, 1st post here and it’s really just a link.

Fascinating stuff from Charistamtic “nutter” (I mean that in the nicest sense!) John Crowder on hell & universalism. Not sure where I sit with this though…

Update: Also this from Steve Chalke in Christianity

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Hello world!

Blogging will start here soon. Meanwhile Lev’s Blog is where I’m at.

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